Humanitarian work


Noura develops various products in the areas of interventions, policy and capacity building and conducts assessments, evaluations and research.

Ylva van den Berg was a technical advisor and developed and directed programs in child protection and psychosocial support for several international humanitarian organizations. Within this position, she also held the role of Child Safeguarding Focal Point. Ylva has performed assignments as a consultant within these thematic areas and related to the tasks at these positions.

Developing programs, policies and manuals

  • Developing programs, methodologies, interventions and approaches.
  • Developing manuals and toolkits for capacity development, and guidelines for implementing the manuals in different contexts and for different audiences, such as children, parents, field staff or managers.
  • Developing an organization’s Child Safeguarding procedures and policies to ensure the safety of the children with whom the organization comes into contact.
  • Develop Child Safeguarding guidelines to implement policies and procedures in different country contexts.
  • Developing and submitting project proposals to various donors (e.g. European Commission)

Assessments, evaluations and research

  • Evaluations (formative or summative) during different moments of the implementation cycle of projects and programs. Evaluations generate data related to the relevance, effect, impact, efficiency and sustainability of programs.
  • Conducting qualitative assessments and studies (e.g. focusing on a particular topic, theme or the contextual situation, mappings, prevalence, etc.). The results of such assessments and studies can form the basis when designing the program in a country or developing a communication or lobbying strategy.
  • As part of conducting assessments, evaluations and research, train and direct local researchers and cultural mediators.
  • In developing the methodology and tools for data collection during assessments, evaluations and research, specific attention is given to the inclusion of child-friendly data collection tools, which allow for the participation of or the leadership of children during the process.